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How does a workout ?

we build for you modern playgrounds and parks, built on our own development using the latest technologies, materials and components. Thanks to our own development, production, installation and service we can in a very short time to respond. According to your requirements we configure, produce, deliver and build playground to a location that you choose.



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Components, materials and accessories workout


We produce only quality materials !

Our report consists of conventional components, but also of our original features. Constantly inventing new features. For Steel design we use higher quality steel. Thick-walled tubes are made of high quality steel that is highly resistant to corrosion. The Easy edition then thin-walled steel quality. Heat-resistant galvanized - toughness arises in all parts of immersion in a bath of molten zinc. Hot dip galvanizing is unique in that its result is a coating, coupled with the base metal (steel). The variant Stainless steel supply products of stainless steel bars (trapezes) excellence. Stainless steel elements are made of high quality steel corrosion resistant surface. This allows us to have a wide use in harsh environments where traditional materials no longer meet.

EN - ISO certified production program

Together with state testing institute, we participated in the creation of standards on which courses are certified. Each workout has issued a quality certificate guaranteeing its quality and completeness. Part of each workout or parkour is a complete technical documentation. Our services are not limited solely to the manufacture and assembly workout, or parkour, but also on all other components associated with it eg. The focus area, consultations regarding the ideal design, installation layout creation, preparation area, laying floors and other construction work. All these activities, unless the pros do and are well-coordinated and lead to the result that you expect without unnecessary extra costs. Indulge in the luxury and take advantage of our services.

Who we are ?

LLAMARO Ltd. It is a young dynamically developing and operating company . The company provides a wide range of services and its core business involves a number of activities.


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