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we build for you modern playgrounds and parks, built on our own development using the latest technologies, materials and components. Thanks to our own development, production, installation and service we can in a very short time to respond. According to your requirements we configure, produce, deliver and build playground to a location that you choose. Thus, our work does not stop. We also provide quality services, facilities and services for Workout and parkour.




they have emerged from a combination of more than ten years of engineering experience and an equally long experience in sports and fitness. We are a Czech manufacturer that brings training and parco playgrounds in its original concept to the market. We do not claim to have invented workout or parkour or components designed for this exercise. It's just about our own concepts of these courses. Our training and parachute components are suitable for both external and internal use.


Our project originated in 2012, when we entered the market as the first Czech manufacturer. Together with state testing institute, we participated in the creation of standards on which courses are certified.We have had a number of successful projects and all our references are positive. During this short time, we have all over the country built more than 25 playgrounds and parks. In the field of parkour workout and we manage also outside the Czech Republic. We begin to realize the first parks and playgrounds abroad. Cooperation with institutions such as the CSWA - Czech Street Workout Association, a member of the Association WSWCF - Street Workout World and Calisthenics Federation will also strive to educate these sports, based on the strengthening of their own body weight and acrobatics.We supplied example. SWITCH center, which will soon find our SHOW ROOM with examples of our workout reports. Visiting the showroom to better navigate the premium quality we offer. We also sponsor teams workout example. WORKOUT PHOENIX, operating on domestic and international events.


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LLAMARO Ltd. It is a young dynamically developing and operating company . The company provides a wide range of services and its core business involves a number of activities.


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